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When I was 16 I went to Laser Quest, when I was 20 I had tequila shots, and when I turned 26 I went Bowling and had coffee. There’s a definite trend in there somewhere, but I’ll refrain from analysing it too closely. Everybody gets older and no, you never feel different. In the end age is unimportant so long as you’re happy and can still get a customised card that doesn’t exceed 30.

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Being from Belfast, it’s not often one of your favourite performers stops by for a show. It’s even more rare that it falls on the night of your birthday. For my Brother, Craig, though, this was exactly what happened. Illusionist and all round eccentric, Derren Brown, was in town with his Enigma tour, and Craig, being a huge fan, simply had to attend. But who would get to accompany him?

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