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The National Trust is well known for its vast collection of cultural properties. Unfortunately it’s also notable for the excessive amount of money that one usually has to pay in order to access a lot of them. That is, unless of course you go on an open day when entry is free! In fact if you’re being really shrewd about it, why not visit several locations and save a tiny fortune in the process?

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Even as Northern Ireland has opened up it’s doors to tourists, there are still hefty parts that few visitors are likely to have seen. Whiterock and the adjoining area of Sketrick is surely one of them. Situated 15 miles from Belfast, and at the end of a ‘B’ long road, this remote coastal settlement is stunningly positioned next to the highest concentration of islands on the Ards Peninsula.

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Every Saturday afternoon my parents continue their pursuit for the perfect cup of coffee. Now and again I’ll even join them. It’s good in a variety of ways, but perhaps the most unusual perk comes with some of the outlandish places we end up visiting. Who knew you could get coffee in a 19th century post office, for example? Better yet, how about at the side of an operational airfield?

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Today wasn’t any old day in the life of Comber – today something remarkable happened! It all began with a nasty albeit not too unusual bout of turbulent weather. Storm clouds gathered, the sky turned navy and a few rumbles of thunder could be heard. Then, as the weather calmed down, a strange, white column of cloud seemed to break free and start spinning. It was a Tornado!

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There aren’t many better ways to spend a Saturday morning in June than by lazing back on the grass and enjoying the company of friends. Botanic Gardens in Belfast is an especially nice location for this. Even on a warm day, it never feels too crowded. Rather, the surroundings are perfect. There’s even the option of combining it with a cooked breakfast along nearby Botanic Avenue.

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