Anyone with a shrewd eye will have noticed that the most recent update prior to this one was October 17th, 2010. That’s over three years ago! Am I still alive? Evidently! Have I stopped travelling or having adventures? Why of course not. Unfortunately, due to the drudgery of work and commuting 6,000 miles on a regular basis, I have neglected to update this prized possession of mine for far too long. And there’s worse news to come… I won’t be updating it anymore (cue dramatic gasp). 

However, I’m here with a monster scoop of great news to soften your disappointment, for I am in the process of building a new, far superior website altogether! It’s called…

Exploremo.re  (yes, that ”dot” is in the correct place).

This all new site will elevate my contribution to travel blogging to new levels. Instead of always jabbering on about incidentals of every journey I go on, I plan to offer genuinely helpful and practical advice on the world beyond one’s front door. I’ll be writing about many of the planet’s great destinations, unique and concise ideas about what to do when you get there, I’ll be imparting tips, tricks and personal experience to any reader keen enough to check in. So what will you notice if you start following my new website, Exploremo.re?

  • More regular updates.
  • Bigger, clearer, higher resolution photographs.
  • Articles, advice, tips and recommendations on close to 70 countries on 6 continents.
  • Ways to save money, pick up deals and make the most out of each trip you take.
  • The chance to contribute and get publicity for your own website or blog.
  • A personal photo blog where you can keep up to date with my wanders.
  • And as always, entirely free!

My aim is to make it one of the most definitive, respected and useful personally created travel resources out there. So, have a look, spread the word, check back frequently and get involved. I look forward to interacting with you over at my new creation.

As for ”thereisanotherworld”, I’d like to say few sentences on the difference it’s made to me before I depart.

Over it’s 7 year lifespan, thereisanotherworld has had close to 100,000 views from over 120 countries. I’ve received lots of feedback, mostly positive, and it’s been a superb way to let friends, family and strangers see what travelling means to me.

It’s also been an effective way for me to improve my photography and writing skills. Most of all though, I’ve had a lot of fun maintaining this blog, recollecting the stories told and publishing them for others to enjoy.

From thereisanotherworld, goodbye.

I hope to see you over at Exploremo.re in the near future.