Every Saturday afternoon my parents continue their pursuit for the perfect cup of coffee. Now and again I’ll even join them. It’s good in a variety of ways, but perhaps the most unusual perk comes with some of the outlandish places we end up visiting. Who knew you could get coffee in a 19th century post office, for example? Better yet, how about at the side of an operational airfield?

Yes, the Ulster Flying Club at Ards Airport recently opened their brand new ‘Sky Cafe’. Taste wise it’s still on the iffy side, but in terms of setting it’s awesome! I mean, who cares about a flawless hot beverage when you have Cessna’s and Helicopter’s taking off just a few metres away? Or even more interesting still, bored pilots who are willing to let you sit in the cockpit of one of them!

Yep, on this occasion it’s fair to say the aviation enthusiast in me won out over the coffee shop connoisseur. I’ll just have to leave it to my parents in future.