I’d always heard tell of the Marble Arch Caves without ever gallivanting out of my way to see them. They aren’t camera friendly after all, and everybody knows how much I love photography. Even so, when the chance came, I was more than interested to uncover why everybody kept talking about them. Besides, who needs great pictures when you can take equally shoddy video?

To access the caves, it’s necessary to go on an escorted tour. This leaves from the visitor centre and winds down a steep forested area to the opening.

No helmets are needed, but detailed safety instructions are given before entering the dark abyss – the primary one being “watch your head!”.

Once inside, everyone boards a small boat which sits in just a few feet of water. As seen in the header video, this gently glides through an underground river until it reaches a jetty at the start of the main cave network.

The walk from this point lasts over an hour and includes an extremely thorough spiel relating to every structure on the route – both great and small.

Stalactites and Stalagmites are ubiquitous, while the multiple shapes and forms of the subterranean world are nothing short of sublime and fascinating.

My favourite chamber was the one you see above – that of a flawlessly still pool of water reflecting every feature from above as a perfect mirror image. It really epitomized my impression of the Marble Arch Caves as a whole.